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Each part  is entirely scanned to capture and record all the characteristics of the shape. 

3D Scanning
Our objective is to provide to board manufacturers the possibility to transfer their Master boards into 3d Designs that can be used in virtually any CNC cutting Services in the world.

We offer our services as well to any CNC Cutting Service who doesn't have scanning capability and would like to expand its customer base.

With 500.000 measurements per second and up to 0.004 inch accuracy, our new 3D scanner allows us to scan fast and with precision any shape, length or geometry.
Scan recording - Close up on logo details
Our system does not require the part to be fixed or stationary while scanning; therefore, we can scan all sides of an object easily (no restriction of a machine or an arm based system).
This is crucial when the part is fixed or cannot be transported.

This also means that we can scan on site !
Partial  scans - Recordings of hand shaped SUP tail and nose.
​Partial scans of an object are also possible. then we can input the data to an existing 3D design file, making the process of  prototyping faster and cost effective for you.
Scan recording of prone paddle board - Top and profile views
Scan recording - Dave Kalama 8'2" SUP for Imagine Surf
Scan recording Prone 18'
Scan recording of a 11'2" Long Board with glass-on fin
Scan recording 11'10" Paddle board Kayak - Bottom view